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Released hidden camera video secretly shot by an investigator with Mercy For Animals at one of the nation's top veal producers exposes baby calves chained by their necks in narrow stalls, where they cannot even turn around or walk.

The covert footage was recorded at Buckeye Veal Farm in Apple Creek, Ohio, and reveals baby calves chained inside 2-feet wide wooden stalls – so narrow they cannot turn around, walk, run, play, socialize with other animals, or engage in other basic natural behaviors. In such tight confinement, the animals are unable to lie down comfortably, breathe fresh air, see sunlight, clean themselves or bond with their mothers.

Sadly, the majority of calves raised for veal in the United States are subjected to this harsh and intensive confinement for their entire 18 to 20-week lives.

After viewing the footage, Dr. Marc Bekoff, an animal behavior expert at the University of Colorado, Boulder, stated: "Frankly, the treatment of these calves is disgusting, horrific, and reprehensible."

Yet, Costco and Giant Eagle grocery stores around the nation continue to sell veal from calves raised in this inhumane manner.

Due to its inherent cruelty, the American Veterinary Medical Association opposes chaining calves in restrictive crates and five U.S. states, as well as all 27 countries in the European Union, have outlawed their use.

Sickened by the conditions endured by these baby animals, Bob Barker, Emmy Award-winning host of Price is Right and longtime animal advocate, is joining MFA in urging consumers nationwide to boycott dairy and veal and Costco and Giant Eagle to immediately end the sale of veal – much of which comes from the facility investigated.

In letters sent to CEOs of both companies, Mr. Barker wrote: "As a civilized society, it's our moral obligation to prevent needless animal cruelty. Chaining baby calves in crates where they cannot even turn around is abusive and totally unacceptable."

While veal production represents one of the most abusive forms of animal agriculture, animal suffering is also widespread throughout the meat, dairy, and egg industries. Undercover investigations by MFA have all exposed cruelty and violence to farmed animals.

Compassionate consumers can end their direct financial support of farmed animal abuse by rejecting veal, and other animal products, and adopting a vegan diet.

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