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  • Go Vegan! - Every time we sit down to eat, we can choose compassion over cruelty. Adopting a diet free of meat, dairy and eggs is perhaps the single most important and powerful action you can take to prevent needless cruelty to animals.

    Visit for meatless, dairy-free recipes. You'll also find tips for making the transition to a vegan diet and for eating vegan on a budget.

  • Help End the Sale of Veal - Urge grocery giants Costco and Giant Eagle to immediately end the sale of veal in all of their stores, much of which comes from the factory farm where the undercover footage was obtained.

    Please contact the companies below

    • Costco
      Call 1-800-955-2292
      Or click here to access Safeway's online comment form.
      Or email James Sinegal, Costco CEO -
    • Giant Eagle
      Click here to access Giant Eagle's online comment form.

    Here is a sample email message:

    Dear Decision-Makers,

    I just learned about the cruelties inherent in veal production by watching a video of one of your suppliers.

    I am horrified to see how baby calves raised for the veal sold at your stores are chained by their necks in tiny, filthy stalls too small for them to even turn around, walk, or engage in other basic natural behaviors.

    Please make the compassionate and socially responsible choice to immediately enact a policy prohibiting the sale of all veal products in your stores.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Attention Ohio Residents – If you live in Ohio, please contact the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board and urge them to honor the common-sense agreement reached in June by leaders of Ohio's farm community, humane organizations, and Governor Ted Strickland that would, among other things, phase out the cruel confinement of calves in veal crates. Contact the Board at:

    Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board
    Ohio Department of Agriculture
    8995 East Main Street
    Reynoldsburg, OH 43068


    Or use their online contact form:

  • Spread the Word – Embed the investigative YouTube code on your favorite social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster, and pass the word on Twitter and your favorite blogs. Don't forget to send a link to MFA's investigation to your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family.
  • Make a Donation - Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help Mercy For Animals continue our vital work of exposing and ending cruelty to animals.